Diclaimer: It is the Pilot in Commands responsibility to check any and all data against the relevant Aircraft POH (Pilot Operating Handbook) prior to operational use, any questions or concerns please address this with our CFI / HOO. Relevant Contact details can be found on the Redcliffe Aero Club homepage for your convenience

Modern, Well-Maintained Fleet

Redcliffe Aero Club operates a diverse range of training and charter aircraft, from small and simple entry level trainers, to large and complex charter and IFR aircraft.

We have a long-standing reputation for providing an impressive fleet of well-maintained aircraft for our members. G1000 and Aspen glass cockpit technology is available through our large range of aircraft, along with GPS and autopilot systems to assist pilot workload.

Whatever your hire or training needs are, we have quality aircraft to suit.

Single Engine Aircraft

Cessna 172S


The work horse of our fleet is the Cessna 172S. With four late model C172S’ in our fleet at Redcliffe, they are our most popular aircraft for both training and private hire. The 172S is a sturdy and modern aircraft that appeals to most pilots.

Cessna 172S G1000


RAC is an enthusiastic adopter of glass cockpit technology, recognising the need for modern and relevant training experiences. The C172S G1000 is the popular alternative to our classic cockpit C172S models, and will become the standard as aircraft are updated into the future.

Cessna 172S


RAQ is the most recent aircraft in the fleet to be updated to glass cockpit technology. RAQ is now fitted with the most advanced G3X Technology.

Piper Archer PA-28


VH-FRF is an IFR capable Piper Archer PA-28.  The Archer is a versatile aircraft well suited for Private Pilot training and cross country touring.

Complex Single Engine Aircraft

Cessna 182-T


Our late model T series Cessna 182 is packed with features for safety and comfort. It’s a great trainer or touring aircraft and includes a G1000 glass cockpit environment with TCAS, autopilot and air conditioning.

Cessna 182-Q


For light Charter operations and Commerical Pilot training, we operate the Cessna 182 series. VH-TRE is equipped with leather seats and a GNS430 GPS system. The C182 series offers a Constant Speed Unit.

Cessna 210-L


VH-ELS is an excellent example of the Cessna 210 series of aircraft, equipped for IFR training and touring. It’s the ideal platform on which to gain valuable 200 series time before heading north for work.

Multi Engine Aircraft

Cessna C310R


The Cessna 310R is an industry standard multi engine charter aircraft, delivering 6 seat capacity, high speed cruise and a strong uplift capability. VH-JTV is available for multi-engine IFR training and company charter. RAC’s C310R, VH-JTV is one of the best examples of the type.

Vulcanair P68-C


The Vulcanair P68-C is the modern evolution of the Partenavia 68B. Our 2004 model P68-C is the ideal instrument rating or multi-engine class rating trainer with dual Garmin GNS430s and traditional six-pack panel layout.

Other Aircraft / Resources


(Flight Simulation Training Device)

The DCX MAX NG Flight simulator features 225 degrees of visuals, dynamic control loading and swapable G1000 and analogue cockpits. It is ideally suited to single pilot multi-engine IFR training, recency and proficiency checks.