Cessna 172-SP with G1000

    Our newest acquisition C172-S is VH-IVW. It features the G1000 glass cockpit and GPS environment and offers our Members an alternative to the more traditional cockpits. Students can benefit from learning on both C172 cockpit configs.

    • TAS 115 kts
    • 4 seat trainer / tourer
    • MTOW 1156kg
    • Useable Fuel 201L
    • 40 litres per hour
    • Garmin G1000
    • Fixed pitch propeller
    • VOR, GS


    Pilot Operating Handbook G1000 (IVW,YRE)

    Download 6.82 MB


    Weight and Balance Sheets (IVW,YRE)

    Download 3.91 MB


    Data Sheet

    Download 79.73 KB