Cessna 310-R

    The Cessna 310R is an industry standard multi engine charter aircraft, delivering 6 seat capacity, high speed cruise and a strong uplift capability. VH-ULF is available for multi-engine IFR training and company charter. RAC’s C310R, VH-ULF is a high quality example of the type, featuring the following:

    • TAS 185 kts
    • 6 seat charter & training
    • Twin 285HP IO520 engines
    • weather radar
    • Aspen Avionics glass cockpit
    • Garmin 430 GPS


    Pilot Operating Handbook (JTV)

    Download 6.75 MB

    Weight & Balance Sheets (ULF)

    Download 869.19 KB

    Datasheet (JTV & ULF)

    Download 142.45 KB