DCX MAX NG Flight Simulation Training Device

    The DCX MAX NG Flight Simulation Training Device is one of the most advanced single pilot light aircraft training devices available today. Our CAT-B simulator is approved by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) for:

    • The logging of instrument time towards an Instrument Rating, Night VFR Rating, RPL, PPL, CPL, MPL and ATPL.
    • Utilisation in Instrument Proficiency Checks (IPCs) for 2D and 3D Azimuth/CDI approaches.
    • Meeting the recent experience requirements of the CASRs for single pilot and instrument approach operations.
    • The following approaches are approved: DGA, NDB, VOR, RNP APCH LNAV, ILS/LOC.

    The DCX MAX NG has the following features:

    • 225 Degrees of visuals.
    • Dynamic control loading.
    • Garmin 530W GNSS Receiver unit.
    • Swappable G1000 and analogue panels.
    • Common single and multi-engine aircraft.