How To Apply For Diploma Courses

Application process

  1. Read through the Vet student loans information booklet 2017 and the RAC student handbook to determine if you are eligible for the Vet student loan funding.
  2. Download, print and complete the expression of interest form then email to
  3. We will then be in touch to conduct a phone and /or a face to face interview.
  4. Once you have had this interview you may be offered to attend a “Pre enrolment session”. If offered a position at the “pre enrolment session” you will need to allow the whole day (0800-1630) to complete the various sessions (session outlined below) and you will need to bring with the following:

    Mandatory Identification

    100 points of JP Certified identification: including photo ID, proof of Residency and proof of residential address.

    Most common ID documents provided are:

    • Australian Passport (current or expired within the last 2 years)
    • Australian / New Zealand birth certificate
    • Queensland Driver’s Licence
    • Queensland Proof of age card
    • Green Medicare card
    • Tax file number
    • USI number
    • CHESSN Number
    • LUI number (if applicable)

    Mandatory if applicable

    • Club membership number
    • ARN number
    • Colour JP certified copy of ASIC Card
    • Colour copy of your medical certificate Class 1 or Class 2 (if applicable)
    • Colour copy of previous completed Nationally Accredited Courses completed in the last 5 years (Diploma or Advanced Diploma) (if applicable)

    Strongly Recommended

    • Pen / paper
    • Calculator
    • Drinks / Lunch (Fridge and microwave facilities are available, Availability to purchase drinks available)
  5. Once you attend the pre enrolment session and complete all the paperwork, the RTO Coordinator will conduct quality and compliance checks on your application. This includes checks on USI, CHESSSN, numbers, Vet student loan availability, Vet student loan eligibility and more. If you have specific questions relating to this, please speak directly with the RTO Coordinator.
  6. Once all applications are finalised, the CEO, CFI and RTO Coordinator will evaluate each application and determine based on available resources and applications who will be offered a position.
  7. Official letters of offer will be emailed to students, will all necessary information. Students who are not successful will be invited to apply again for another Vet student loan funded course at a later date.
  8. Should a student then accept the offer then they will be officially enrolled with a start date to be confirmed. They will be provided with a range of documentation through both the Government websites and documentation form the Redcliffe Aero Club. A confirmation of enrolment will be sent to student prior to enrolment, as will training plans, Credit Transfer applications and Recognition of Prior Learning applications.

Pre-enrolment Session Schedule

Student who have not completed a Nationally Accredited Diploma or Advanced Diploma qualification in any field in the last 5 years, will need to attend session 1, session 2 and session 4.

Day 1
0800 – 0810 Welcome, Tour of facilities, Set up laptops / tablets etc.
0810 – 0820 Video 1 – 10 minutes
0820 – 0900 Presentation – interactive discussions,
Read through Vet student handbook and RAC student Handbook
Complete Enrolment paperwork and Membership paperwork
0900 – 0930 Training Plan discussion – AVI50215, AVI50415, AVI50516
Break down of phases and census dates. Phase fees and what the Vet Student loan funding covers for the various courses.
0930 – 1330 Language, Literacy and Numeracy Assessment (LLN) – 4 hours
(Mathematics – Initial and Diagnostic assessment)
1330 – 1400 Break / Lunch
1400 – 1430 Video 2 – The world of a Pilot – 30 minutes
1430 – 1530 Discussion complete forms ARN application / ASIC application / Medical information (if applicable)
Quality check on students enrolment paperwork and JP Certified ID
Students that have completed a Nationally Accredited Diploma or Advanced Diploma qualification in any field in the last 5 years, who can provide a colour copy of the qualification to be JP certified and this qualification can be validated then these students will attend Session 3 and Session 4 only.
Day 2
0800 – 1200 Language, Literacy and Numeracy Assessment (LLN) – 4 hours (English – Initial and Diagnostic assessment)
1200 – 1230 Break / Lunch
1230 – 1300 (Download LLN results for whole group – discuss findings with students – one on one chat if applicable)
Discussion complete forms ARN application / ASIC application / Medical information
1300 – 1330 Quality check all student’s enrolment paperwork and all supporting documentation
1330 – 1630 LLN – 3 hour resit opportunity.
Students can review and or resit a portion of the LLN again based on results.

Next available dates for Pre enrolment sessions are

  • Wednesday 28th November 2018 – Thursday 29th November 2018
  • Thursday 13th December 2018 – Friday 14th December 2018
  • Wednesday 9th January 2019 – Thursday 10th January 2019

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