Competitive Rates, Quality Aircraft

At Redcliffe Aero club we offer high quality, well maintained, and modern aircraft at excellent prices.  With a short taxi time, minimal traffic delays and no landing fees at Redcliffe Aerodrome, extra costs are minimised to drive your flying dollar further.

Prospective Members are welcome and encouraged to visit our facilities and take a tour of our fleet.

Aircraft Rates

Redcliffe Aero Club offers rates upon contact with our office.  Please call or visit to obtain a full schedule of aircraft hire, briefing and training rates.

  • We are happy to offer after-hours and multi-day hires to our Members
  • Note: There are no Landing Fees for operations at Redcliffe Aerodrome
  • Click here for the Aircraft Fleet Page and details on each aircraft listed below
  • Dual training rates are applicable to flights with an Instructor on board
  • Solo training rates are applicable to members undertaking supervised solo flying training towards a licence, rating or endorsement
  • Private hire rates are available to licensed members hiring an aircraft for private flights.

Terms & Conditions

  • A check flight with an Instructor is required prior to a new Member’s first private hire.
  • Hirer is required to undertake a Dual circuit check if no other flights in the previous 90 days
  • Full day and overnight hires can require a minimum amount of use per day. Please enquire for details
  • Cancellation fee of $50 applies to hirer for each 2 hour Dual Training booking slot cancelled within 48 hours of the booking start time
  • Cancellations and bookings can not be processed by email due to the non immediate nature of the communication and the changing nature of aircraft and Instructor availability. Please contact the Club by phone (07) 3203 1777 to make a booking or cancellation (and avoid any cancellation fees).
  • Rates are:
    • Listed in AUD$ per hour and inclusive of fuel at YRED’s current fuel rate
    • Applicable to Redcliffe Aero Club Members only. Non-Members are unable to hire RAC aircraft
    • Subject to change without prior notice

Prerequisites for Private Hire

AircraftMinimum HoursOther MinimumsSpecific Requirements
Cessna 182Q
150 hrs Total TimePPL
Cessna 182RG
PPLSealed Strips only
Cessna 182T
PPLCheck flight with Instructor required prior to first private hire
Cessna 182Q
100 hrs Total TimePPL
Cessna 206G
200 hrs Total Time, 5 hours on C200 seriesPPL
Cessna 210L (VH-ELS)5 hours on C200 seriesPPL
Partenavia PN68 (VH-IYC)10 hours on typePPL
Cessna 310R (JTV,ULF)10 hours on typePPLHead of Operations approval required