Private Pilot Licence

On completion of an RPL, most pilots pursue the Private Pilots Licence (PPL) to extend their flying privileges.  The PPL training course is centered around the theory and practice of navigation, navigation aids, and controlled airspace operations.  PPL holders can fly anywhere within Australia, including through controlled airspace and into controlled airports.  The PPL is a gateway and pre-requisite to advanced training options such as night flying and instrument flying ratings.

Next Steps

  • Aerobatics Endorsement

    Loops, Rolls, Spins, Wing-overs! Aerobatics is a rush which will also take your handling skills to a new level

  • Night Rating

    Take friends on a night scenic flight around the city, or extend your day-trip by coming home in the evening

  • Private Instrument Rating

    Take your skills to a new level by flying in restricted visibility with only reference to cockpit instruments