Commercial Pilot Licence

After gaining a PPL, candidates who aspire to a career as a pilot will complete the Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL).  The PPL holder will already possess the skills and knowledge to safely operate an aircraft in a private setting, so the CPL course focus is on development of existing skills to satisfy the requirements of operations in the commercial environment.  CPL training hones handling skills, improves knowledge, introduces more complex aircraft, and simulates commercial pressures such as working within time constraints and operating in more challenging weather conditions.

Next Steps

  • Cessna 200 Series Familiarisation

    Get familiar with the Cessna 206 and 210 – success at your interview might depend on it.

  • Multi Engine Instrument Rating

    Take control of a multi engine aircraft and fly the IFR with reference only to instruments.

  • Flight Instructor Rating

    Learn to teach ground and flight principles to the next generation of aviation students.