Become a UAV Operator with Aerial Hotshots

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Looking for a new set of qualifications? Or want to participate in a different kind of flying? We’re invited former RAC instructor Andrew Learmonth from Aerial Hotshots to offer aero club members discounted UAV (drone) training.

Pilots licence holders are able to easily obtain their UAV qualifications, and Aerial Hotshots is providing an industry preparation course for anyone looking to get started in this growing sector of the aviation industry. As long as you hold a PPL or higher, this course will provide you with the necessary manufacturer, theory and flying training needed to obtain your UAV Controller’s Certificate (multi rotor <7kg). No previous UAV experience is required and you won’t need to purchase a drone – all the equipment is provided to allow you to obtain the 5 hours flying experienced needed.

The course will be run part-time to fit in with your busy schedule – the theory covered over four nights in the RAC clubhouse, and the flying conducted on two Saturday mornings. The industry preparation course goes well beyond the minimum required to obtain your controllers certificate, with the course covering:

– DJI manufacturer’s training
– Air Law (including industry changes effective at the end of the year)
– UAV systems (multi rotor and fixed wing)
– Lithium battery handling and transport
– Flight planning, risk management and how to apply to CASA/Airservices for flying approvals
– 5 hours of flying training using DJI equipment, simulators and micro drones

The total cost of the course is $1250. This is a discounted rate, with part of the profits going back into the Aero Club. The course fee does not include CASA’s application fee, which is is payable to them when you submit your licence application following the course.

The course will start on Monday 25th July:

Monday 25th July (6pm) – theory, clubhouse
Wednesday 27th July (6pm) – theory, clubhouse
Saturday 30th July (8am-midday) – flying, Dakabin
Monday 1st August (6pm) – theory, clubhouse
Wednesday 3rd August (6pm) – theory, clubhouse
Saturday 6th August (8am-midday) – flying, Dakabin

Your place can be booked directly on the Aerial Hotshots website:

Places on the course are strictly limited. If you have any questions please post them here, visit the Aerial Hotshots website, or contact Andrew Learmonth (0421080104,